Your tech team’s leadership transformation starts here.

 Executive coaching is the launching pad to developing effective tech leaders and high performing remote teams.

Your tech team’s leadership transformation starts here.

 Executive coaching is the launching pad to developing high performing tech leaders and effective remote teams.

Is your team struggling to:
Meet deadlines?
Deliver high quality results?
Manage conflict between team members?
Communicate without fear of blame or mistrust?
Maintain respect despite differences?
This is where I come in.
My coaching practice focuses on supporting leaders and teams in reaching their goals by providing the space and framework for sustainable behavior change.
Coaching is not designed to provide a quick fix that only leads to improved performance in the short term. 
Instead, what I offer is customized leadership development programs that can help your team work more effectively in the long run.

Coaching can help you and your team:
Work together productively and deliver results.
Exceed expectations and create high quality, bug free software.
Handle conflicts in a way that improves team morale.
Openly share ideas and work together toward common goals.
Foster a positive, trust-based team culture. 

Are you ready to start this transformational journey for your company?

You can start by booking a no-strings-attached Needs Discovery Session to explore the challenges your company is facing and understand how coaching can help. 

We can work together to create a coaching plan that’s tailored to your specific needs.



Co-create the coaching
agenda to fit your needs and
help you reach your target


Zoom in on your team,
actively listening to your
vision, goals and challenges


Work towards a better you and
a better team with customized
KPIs guiding you toward results
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