Learn The Seven Essential Questions That Every Tech Leader Wants To Answer Frequently For An Engaged Remote Team

Engaging and mobilising your team can feel like an overwhelming challenge. Particularly if you have been appointed as a leader without training in management.

In my coaching practice, however, I have found that upleveling just a few vital leadership behaviours could make a big difference to improve engagement.

It is frustrating to have to read minds

The feeling to have to read the manager‘s mind confuses many employees. They don’t know how they are performing and how they can do better. The annual performance review is sometimes their only chance to find out. And that event is so stressful and formal that the environment is not helpful for growth.

Spans of control add to the problem

We cannot blame this situation entirely on the management. In some organisations, managers have to complete formal performance reviews every three or four days due to their big team size.

The solutions are easier done than you might think

There are various straightforward strategies to engage and mobilise employees. They cost almost nothing to implement, can be put into place immediately, and have a huge impact.

For instance, one opportunity you have – even at the C-level leadership – is to give more frequent and informal feedback about how each team member is doing. That way, everyone in an organisation knows what you expect of them and how they can get better.

The 7 questions

There are seven basic questions that you as a leader in tech want to answer and communicate to employees. Frequently.

Repetition is the mother of all learning.
Small, informal conversations about performance go a long way – especially when they include teachable moments about different situations and details. You could make use of these 7 questions:

  1. What do I expect from you?
  2. What are you doing well?
  3. What, if anything, can you be doing better?
  4. What, if anything, do I want you to do better?
  5. (If appropriate): What will happen if you improve (e.g., more responsibility, more time with leadership, more desirable assignments)?
  6. (If appropriate): What will happen if you don’t improve?
  7. How can I help?
The last question is essential. It shows the employee that you, their leader, care about them and are not just dumping responsibility or shifting blame.

Your next step

Reading this post is nice. You know what would be even nicer? If you...

  1. Took pen to paper, created an action plan to engage your team and committed to it.
  2. Did a quick employee engagement self-assessment here to spark more ideas for your everyday leadership!
  3. Joined my next masterclass on "8 Techniques For Engaging Your Team Strategically". Register here!

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