• Conflict EQ Exercise

    Despite our best efforts, sometimes a conflict at work is just unavoidable. You and your colleagues may both have the best interests of the company at heart, but a difference of opinion at one point or another is inevitable.  When this happens, the way you approach the situation will affect the outcome. Let’s look at an emotional intelligence exercise we can use to understand how our response to conflict and improve our odds of a positive ending next time.

  • Culture in the Workplace

    If you’ve ever worked in a multicultural team, you’ve almost certainly experienced some type of cultural miscommunication.  Ever wondered why a colleague seemed hurt when you communicated your point of view? How about feeling frustrated when your direct report seemed to agree with you, but then did the exact opposite? These miscommunications can happen in any team, they are much more common culturally diverse teams.

  • What Is A Coach and Why Should I work With One?

    We’ve all heard of coaching, and may even know someone who’s working with a coach. But what exactly is coaching anyways?  If you’ve ever been curious about what a coach does, or if coaching could be for you, you’re in the right place!

  • The Passion Paralysis

    We seem to be obsessed with passion. The advice is out there: you should find and follow your passion. And if you are a leader, you need to have it - after all, you are to explain your "why"... But, what if you cannot find your passion?

  • Learn The Seven Essential Questions That Every Tech Leader Wants To Answer Frequently For An Engaged Remote Team

    Engaging and mobilising your team can feel like an overwhelming challenge. Particularly if you have been appointed as a leader without training in management.

  • How To Stay Focused On What Really Matters For Your Organisation Despite The Constant Fires

    Here is an idea that many leaders already use worldwide for paying attention to what really matters.

  • Las siete preguntas esenciales que los líderes tecnológicos necesitan

    Conseguir que tu equipo de trabajo se sienta plenamente involucrado en la actividad de tu empresa puede representar un gran desafío. Aún más si te han nombrado jefe de equipo sin que hayas tenido formación previa en gestión de empresas.

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