Co-create the coaching
agenda to fit your needs and
help you reach your target


Zoom in on your team,
actively listening to your
vision, goals and challenges


Work towards a better you and
a better team with customized
KPIs guiding you toward results

My coaching programs are designed to help remote tech teams develop solutions for the challenges they face everyday. Customized leadership development programs can help your team learn how to work together effectively despite cultural or geographical barriers. Designed with globally distributed teams in mind, all coaching sessions take place online. You and your team can participate from any location.

Coaching can take on many different formats, but primarily it’s about developing tools to effectively work toward your goals. Too frequently, working toward professional goals looks like chaos.  It’s late nights and early mornings, running from one meeting to the next, and trying to be in three places at once. My goal is to take the struggle and self-sabotage out of your quest for success. Coaching provides the space and framework to move you and your team to the next level in your professional journey. Together, we can develop your leadership skills and work toward sustainable behavior change.

Customized coaching plans can be beneficial for both individuals looking become better leaders, and teams who are struggling to achieve a common goal.

Let’s create a coaching plan that fits YOUR needs.

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